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9-7-14 9:00 North H.S. Spartans Cannons


Mark Williams 2014 MVP

Who will be the 2014 Spartan MVP?

Only time will tell!

Trophy presentation this coming August


MVP was awarded to Mark Williams for great work at 1st base and for having a very steady batting average that was higher than normal.


Great JOB Mark and thank you for all the hard work.

Spartans day at Davey Jones

Dan G trying out the new wood bats


Spartans went to Davy Jones bat facility and tried out there bats.  Great Bats!!!


Coming this October the Spartans are teaming up and will be on there way to have a blast in Arizona.  We cant wait to play on a perfect field.


Great Game!!!

All votes are in and have been calculated.  The Spartans will be sending

1. Jim Lambert

2. Shane Mattox

3. Mark Williams

to the All Star game

Back up for these guys will be Larry K.


Game will be 7-17 at Double Angel

How about the rest of you guys? How about coming down and trying the homerun derby!!

Spartans going to the 4th of July Tournament, Sparteens Win and are the 35W tournament champions!!!

Sparteens come together and pull a victory over the Grizzlys to become tournament champions.  Micheal and Shane get Golden Glove awards.  Micheal for his pitching and Shane for his cathing.  Someone even said that  "it looked like you two had been playing together for years".  It was a blast and lots of pills to make it through.  Sadly we did have one injury.  Jon Maloney came out from the Dirtbags to help us and broke his wrist on Saturdays game.  John this win was for you buddy.


Much thanks to all the guys who came out to play!!!!



Here we go!!! another year at the 4th of July tournament.  This year will be new and exciting as we will be in the 35 division for the first time.   We have a few players all around from Colorado coming in to help out, but majority will be Spartans players.  I cant wait and good luck to all the teams. 


Nothings better than America and Baseball during the 4th!!!

Coming Soon Spartans Store !!!!